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The Benefits of Sugaring


Sugaring is safe for all skin types. The low temperature of the paste is safe for application. 


This technique is hygienic as there is no chance for cross-contamination. A spatula is not needed for application; every client gets a clean portion of sugar paste that is discarded after use. 

Reduction of Ingrown Hair

Minimizing hair breakage, this technique reduces ingrown hairs. The application of the sugar paste ensures that the removal of hair is performed in the direction of hair growth. 

Water Soluble 

Sugar paste is completely water-soluble. No harsh chemicals are needed to remove the residue of the paste. Supplied at the end of the treatment, nourishing tonic and lotion ensure hydration and softness of the treated area. 

Less Painful

Unlike traditional wax, sugar paste doesn't adhere as firmly to the surface of the skin, so the skin isn't irritated when the paste is removed. In a quick flick, sugar paste gathers just the hair, leaving the skin gently exfoliated from dead cells. 

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