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Our Specializations


Le Petit Spa offers a range of facials customized to clients' needs. In addition to traditional facials, Le Petit Spa also offers more sophisticated treatments with the use of ultrasonic and cryo-electroporation devices and a variety of acid peels for anti-aging and therapeutic purposes. The products used are of the highest quality, incorporating mainly organic ingredients that leave skin hydrated and glowing for days.  

Hair Removal
Specializing in hair removal, Le Petit Spa uses unique methods of body sugaring. Gentler than traditional waxing, sugaring is a safer and truly progressive method of hair removal for the entire body. Appropriate for all skin types and hair textures, it can be used on even the most sensitive areas of the body. What sets Le Petit Spa apart from other sugaring facilities is its use of 100% natural, chemical free sugaring paste. This paste, which is carefully formulated for sugaring, features a distinctive combination of beneficial probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics, working synergistically to restore balance to the skin's microbiome. 
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